Joint Care & Replacement


Joint care is a staple of orthopedic medicine that seeks to avoid invasive surgeries and mitigate joint deterioration. Common treatments include physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and tendons to stabilize the area surrounding the joint, weight loss programs to reduce stress, and corticosteroid injections to help ease pain associated with the joint. In cases of arthritis, it is important to determine the cause of the arthritis to properly treat it.

Even with conservative non-invasive medical treatment, some joints can become unstable and limit patient mobility or an acute injury can occur that necessitates replacing the joint. In cases like this, the most practical treatment is a complete replacement of the joint with a prosthetic. This type of surgery is a complex process based around a relatively simple concept. The problem joint is removed and in its place, a prosthetic (usually fashioned out of metal) is secured with specialty cement and screws. After healing and physical therapy, the joint should function as new.

At Commonwealth Orthopaedic Associates, we specialize in joint care and replacement, employing the area’s leading experts in the field. In cases of chronic joint pain or sudden injury, it is important to consult with a medical professional to determine the cause and work to repair the damage to the joint and restore the patient’s potential for activity and quality of life.